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Criteria for Hyperlinking to and from the Department of Justice Web Sites

The Department of Justice's Web sites are aimed at delivering information and services to users that are relevant and applicable to its mandate and that of the Government of Canada (GoC). To this end, the following criteria will be used to determine the suitability of links to and from departmental Web sites.

This set of criteria applies to all of the Department of Justice's Web sites.

General parameters governing linking

  1. The Department of Justice reserves the right to refuse to post a link, to refuse to renew a link, or to terminate an existing link without prior notice due to non-compliance with the criteria mentioned below or for any other appropriate reason which may include, but is not restricted to site navigation or content problems or frequent client complaints.
  2. The Department of Justice does not sell advertising or the benefits associated with links or banners.
  3. Links may not work, as we do not control the availability of linked pages.
  4. The Department of Justice does not display third party logos, images or icons on its Web site unless a Collaborative Arrangement exists.

Links from Department of Justice Web sites

If you would like to request that the Department of Justice provide a link to your site from one of our Web sites, please review the criteria below before submitting your request. All decisions to post links on this site will be subject to the same set of criteria.

  1. The content of the site reflects the aims and objectives of the Department of Justice and are consistent with its mandate. In some cases, the Department of Justice may consider linking to organizations with objectives that relate to a broader GoC mandate.
  2. The creation of a link does not provide unfair competitive advantage through on-line endorsements of third party interests. Links are provided for convenience purposes only and are not an endorsement or rating of the content of the sites to which they are made.
  3. Note: Links created within the context of a Collaborative Arrangement are not considered an endorsement or providing an unfair competitive advantage.

  4. The site is not considered inappropriate due to its content or its affiliations.
  5. The content of the site complies with the laws of Canada, which includes such items as copyright, privacy, etc.
  6. The content of the site is kept current and accurate.
  7. The site allows users to navigate back to the present site; the site cannot block the user's return to the departmental site by using embedded code or other techniques within the linked page that prevent the use of the browser "back" button.
  8. The site provides working contact information that includes, as a minimum, two of the following:
    • e-mail
    • postal mail
    • phone number
    • TTY/TTD
  9. In addition, please note that preference may be given to sites that:

Links to the Department of Justice's Web sites

Generally, we encourage third parties to link to our departmental sites. Sites wishing to link to the Department of Justice's Web site, therefore, do not need to request permission to do so. We do, however, ask that you follow the following linking practices:

  1. Use only text links for linking to Department of Justice Web sites.
  2. Do not link and/or use the official symbols of the GoC and Federal Identity Program (FIP) signatures as navigational aids.
  3. The official symbols of the GoC and the FIP signatures must not appear on non-government sites unless they are used to identify a government contribution or participation in a Collaborative Arrangement.
  4. The creation of a link does not confuse the user as to the source of the information through such practices as framing.
  5. The links provided respect the Copyright Notice that governs materials published on Department of Justice Web sites.


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